Hop analysis is an important part of the production and use of hops in the brewing of beer. CLV provides quality analysis of hop cones and pellets for Alpha & Beta Acids, Hop Storage Index (HSI), Moisture and Total Oils.  Our testing is based on the American Society of Brewing Chemist (ASBC) methods.

The analysis provides you with the tools and information about readiness, storage, sale and use.  Pre-harvest testing allows you to monitor how your hops are progressing and plan for harvest accordingly.  Post-harvest the storage of hops becomes vital to ensuring the hops don’t degrade and ensuring that your moisture is in the ideal range is important for this.  Further people want to know what they are going to buy and use – Alpha & Beta Acid, HSI and Total Oils give brewers an idea of what to expect.

Information on packages (prices and required material weight) for hops testing can be found in our Hop Shop.

CLV also provides visual testing of hop cones providing you with a breakdown of the leaves & stalk contents, extraneous matter and seeds content.  CLV is working with our sister lab, TLR to provide pesticide testing too.  Please contact the office for more information on these two services.

CLV takes parts in proficiency testing through the ASBC for alpha & beta acids and HSI analysis.

Which analyses are available for hops?

  • Alpha & Beta Acids
  • Hop Storage Index (HSI)
  • Total Oil Content
  • Visual Testing
  • Moisture